I am looking forward to a great second school year at at South Elementary!  Staff, students, parents, and community supporters remain united in creating a great place to work and learn. I truly enjoy my job as school counselor and my position at South.  Some of my responsibilities are listed below:

  1. BulletIndividual and Group Counseling

  2. BulletClassroom Guidance

  3. BulletCharacter Education Program

  4. BulletTesting Responsibilities

  5. BulletSpecial Programs

  6. BulletResponsiveness to Instruction (RTI Committee)

  7. BulletCoordinating the “Change-A-Life” Mentoring Program

  8. BulletFacilitating a Weekly Backpack Food Program

  9. BulletCollaborating with Parents, Staff Members, and Community Members  

  10. Bullet Encourages better inter-personal relationships

  11. BulletPromotes positive attitudes and choices

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A Warm Welcome!

Feel free to contact me if you need anything!

Margaret Rollins

South Elementary School

839 S. Magnolia St.

Mooresville, NC 28115



About Confidentiality

When a student meets with the school counselor, the information will be held confidential unless the child gives permission for the counselor to share the information with someone else. However, there are some serious situations in which confidentiality will need to be broken in order to get further assistance for the child. The following situations may force the counselor to break confidentiality:

  1. Bullet If we discover from the child or someone else that someone is hurting him/her

  2. BulletIf we discover from the child or someone else that the child plans to hurt someone else

  3. BulletIf we discover from the child or someone else that the child plans to harm him/herself

  4. BulletIf a judge tells us we must reveal information in the court of law