Local Counseling Services


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Below are the names of some therapists and agencies in the Mooresville area.  Please contact Mrs. Rollins if you have questions.

Allevia Psychological                                                                        704-987-1617


            Nancy L. Miller, Psy.D. (Specializes in relationships, anxiety, phobias,                               

            depression, grief, trauma, ACOA, and chronic illness)

American Counseling Center                                                    704-892-9771


            Lee M. Hersh (Works with children, individuals, marriage and families)

Barium Springs Mental Health                                                704-873-1011

Barium Springs

            Diane (Intake)                                                              ext. 308

The Child and Family Therapy Center                                704-664-7148


            Betty Russell (licensed social worker, certified substance abuse

            counselor; specializes in adolescence)

Counseling Center at Davidson United Methodist Church                   704-892-6135

Lake Norman Family Therapy                                        704-892-9490

            NIchole Finger, Amy Young, Kara Ewing, Elizabeth Kovacs, Meredith Kolk are all Licensed Social Workers who

            specialize in working with children or families.

New River                                                                                                           704-660-1020


            Renee (Intake)

Piedmont Family Services, LLC                                                       704-664-1175


            Karen Watson, MSW, LCSW-P, LCAS

Psychiatric Services of Lake Norman                                            704-663-6660


            Barbara Hall (Nurse Practitioner)                  

Rosedale Family & Play Therapy                                                       704-906-4657


            Kathy Lancashire

Deedee Russell, PhD                                                                                   704-455-2014


            Deedee Russell (Specializes in child, adolescent, and family counseling;

            psychotherapy and psychological assessment)

Laura Skinner  & Dana Horne                                                              704-892-2254


Mike Tanis, Ed.S, M.ED                                                                          704-892-4082


            Works with children, adolescents, individuals, couples, and families.

            Specializes in play therapy with children

Angela Tanis, MSW, LCSW                                                                   704-737-6040


            Primarily works with children, adolescents, and their families.

Behavioral Health Services of Lake Norman                              704-660-8321


            Mike Rife and Nancy Baker-Crellin

Balanced Choices, PLLC                                                                           704-655-2827


            Shannon Hartman-Wilson and Linda Duszynski

Step by Step Counseling                                                                           704-658-7066


            Amanda Shinn Patterson, Kara Watson, Travis Bobb, and Kathy Littmann

            Offers Services to adults and youth in substance abuse, anger management, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety,

            grief, stress management, divorce, domestic violence, abuse, career, family and couples counseling, play therapy

            and expressive therapy

Lake Norman Child and Adolescent Psychiatry                      704-660-5686


            Dr. Christopher Fox, Child Psychiatrist

Life Skills Plus                                      704-657-7858 or perrimay101@aol.com

Mooresville and Statesville

            Perri May provides therapy for individuals, children, couples and families. Offers 50 minute sessions for $30 each or

            on a sliding scale for those who need financial assistance.