Summer School 2012

Summer school is designed to offer students an opportunity to recover credit in a class that they have failed during their high school career.  We want our students to graduate high school in four years and believe that by offering summer school, we are giving students an excellent opportunity to recover a credit and remain on track to graduate. 

Dates: June 14 - June 29, 2012

Times: 7:30am - 2:15pm (Lunch provided)

Location: Mooresville High School Main Campus


Attendance during Summer School 2012 is very important. One day of summer is school is equal to approximately one week of regular school. Parents are asked not to make summer vacation plans which conflict with summer school dates.

-Students who are absent in excess of two (2) days, EXCUSED OR UNEXCUSED, will be withdrawn from summer school.

-Three tardies or three early dismissals will be counted as one absence, regardless of the amount of time involved.

-There can be NO EXCEPTIONS to the attendance requirement.


-Make-up work applies ONLY to EXCUSED absences. There is no opportunity to make up work beyond two days, because if a

student misses more than two days, excused or unexcused, he/she is withdrawn.

-In order to be able to make up work on any of the two days allowed, students must bring a valid note signed by a parent or guardian stating the reason for absence.


Students will not be allowed to take exams early or to make up exams after the exam period. Exams are given on the last two days of the course.


-Summer School 2012 is a privilege, not a requirement. There is much to be done in a compressed time frame and, therefore, little time for behavior problems.

-Students referred to the summer administrator for violations of discipline may be withdrawn from summer school.

-Copies of the Summer School 2012 Discipline Regulations will be distributed on the first day of the summer session to be signed by both the student and a parent or guardian and returned to the school.

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