Class of 2014 - Welcome!
Welcome to Mooresville High School!  The time has arrived to begin your Freshman year.  My name is J.D. Haglan.  I will be your Guidance Counselor and look forward to meeting you and your family.  As your counselor, I want you to know that I will treat you like I treat my two sons.  You can expect my best effort! 

It is extremely important that you begin your 9th grade year with a great work ethic and attitude.  These alone will allow you to move forward in your academic success as well as every endeavor in your life.  Learn to make commitments, not excuses!  You can accomplish anything.  Know what you want, have a plan, and make a commitment.  A commitment with a plan will give you the direction in completing your goals.  Without a commitment and a plan, you will lack direction.  Everyday, find a way to be productive by working on your plan.  Every “little thing” you do matters.  One day all the the “little things’ will result in something BIG.  Consider your plan your “blueprint for success.”  I look forward to meeting you.  Make it an awesome day!
9th Grade - New Beginnings