Counseling Opportunities


Counselors are a very visible presence in the school and are available to all students. Students may see his or her counselor on an individual basis by:

    1. Completing a Counselor Request Form (found in all classrooms)

    2. Inquiring in the office

    3. Notifying a classroom teacher, administrator, or any staff member

    4. Teacher or staff referral

    5. Parent referral

  1. In addition, counselors deliver classroom guidance lessons several times a year and offer small group counseling on an as-needed basis addressing a variety of areas including study skills, making friends, grief, etc.

Our students are our number one priority! Please keep us informed about how we are doing and the needs of your child. We look forward to working with you!

Individual Counseling

Needs assessments are conducted at the beginning of the year in order to determine appropriate group counseling for students on any of the following topics: Family changes (divorce, separation, etc.), grief, friendship, etc.

Creating a safe environment in which to learn is one of our most important goals and the guidance department works continuously with the administration to achieve this goal. We have created a program where students who experience bullying behavior have specific steps to take for addressing the unwanted behaviors and learning effective ways in which to assert themselves.

The program not only focuses on the student who is a victim of the bullying, but also on the student displaying bullying behaviors. These students receive a consequence for the rule infraction, and counselors meet with these students to discuss their bullying behaviors.  It is important to us to address all student needs and we feel our program helps do this!

Group Counseling

Bullying Prevention