1. Is there a cost to parents associated with their child receiving a laptop?

    There is a required annual $50 technology usage fee.
    A Speck hard plastic cover and a Brentahven bookbag will be provided free of charge to each    
    student grade 4-12. 

  1. Can any family member use the laptop?

  2. Each student will be assigned an individual username and
    password.  Parents are encouraged to access their child’s
    account and monitor their child’s usage and progress.

  3. Will students keep the laptops over summer break?

  4. No, laptops and bookbags will be taken up near the end
    of the school year. 

  5. What training is available for parents who are unfamiliar with the laptop?

  6. A mandatory overview training is required at the beginning of each year for parents and students.  Parent training is offered throughout the year at the school level. In addition,  Apple.com offers many online tutorials.  Other resources online have great tutorials as well.

  7. Will parents need to purchase additional items for the laptop?

  8. Not necessarily, but it is recommended that students have the means to back up documents for future use (i.e. A thumb drive).

  9. What if the laptop stops working at home (after school hours)?

  10. MGSD students can contact the Apple help line, or bring the laptop to the school’s help desk during school hours.

  11. What will be the consequences for misuse or inappropriate use of the laptop?

  12. Details are provided in our Required Use Policy (RUP) and the MGSD Code of Conduct.  http://www5.mgsd.k12.nc.us/staffsites/digitalconversion/Digital_Conversion//Required_Use_Policy.html  and http://www.mgsd.k12.nc.us/MGSD/Student_Code_of_Conduct.html

  13. Will students carry fewer textbooks once they have laptops?

  14. Yes.  Teachers will increasingly begin to use digital content for instruction and assignments.  This will be a transition over time.

  15. What filter(s) are in place to protect student from visiting harmful websites?

  16. MGSD laptops utilize the State of NC’s cloud based filter, zScaler which is updated daily; however, the most important filter is parental supervision. Parents are offered training on internet safety and are shown how to check a student’s history on the laptop.

  17. What resources are available via the MacBook?

  18. Many Digital Resources are available online.  Below are the most popular.  In addition, MGSD has created list of resources (both paid and free) that are used for instruction.  This list is not all inclusive as teachers are free to use resources that best meet the needs of their students.

  19.     icurio   https://www.icurio.com/ntw/mooresville

  20.     Over 180,000 of the best online resources aligned with state standards and carefully selected by
        educators to ensure it is safe, age-appropriate and 100% academically relevant.

  21.     IXL Math (www.ixl.com):

  22.     IXL is an online dynamic math site that allows students to practice math problems and strategies in
        alignment with North Carolina state standards.  IXL understands that in order to understand math,

  23.     it must be approached from all angles:  visual representation, word problems, interactive activities
        and problems for every learning style.

  24.     NCWise Owl   www.ncwiseowl.org

  25.     This site houses many online subscription databases for grades K-12 providing invaluable
        reference materials for research across the curriculum.

  26.     Discovery Education  http://mooresville.discoveryeducation.com

  27.     Discovery Education provides engaging digital resources with the goal of increasing student
        achievement, and connecting classrooms and families to a world of learning by harnessing the
        proven power of high-quality video content for instruction.

  28.     Study Island (www.studyisland.com):

  29.     A leading provider of easy-to-use, web-based instruction, practice, assessment and reporting built
        from North Carolina state standards.

  30.     TumbleBooks/TumbleReadables (www.tumblebookcloud.com)

  31.     TumbleBooks is an online collection of animated, talking picture books to engage children and
        teach them the joy of reading!

  32.     TumbleReadables is a collection of online read-along books for elementary through high school
        aged students.  The collection includes chapter books, early readers, YA / Teen novels, high
        interest / low level, and classics.

  33.     iWork    http://www.apple.com/iwork/

  34.     iWork features three powerful programs – Pages, Numbers and Keynote providing students and
        teachers necessary tools for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.   

  35.     iLife    http://www.apple.com/ilife/

  36.     iLife is a suite of multimedia software applications that enable the user to create organize, view
        and publish digital content, such as pictures, movies, music, and web pages.        


  38.     Snow Leopard Features  http://www.apple.com/macosx/technology

  39.     Snow Leopard has over 300 new features including those present in iCAL, Dictionary, Voice Over,
        Dashboard, Parental Controls, Spaces, Spotlight and Time Machine.

  40.     Destiny    http://destiny.mgsd.k12.nc.us/

  41.     Destiny is MGSD’s online card catalog of electronic and print materials in our media centers.

  42.     Angel    http://angel.mgsd.k12.nc.us

  43.     The ANGEL Learning Management Suite of teaching and learning tools enables efficient and
        effective development, delivery and management of courses, course content and learning
        outcomes. Engaging communication and collaboration capabilities enhance instruction to deliver
        leading edge teaching and learning.

  44.     Parents can keep track of student progress in Angel by requesting an “Insight Window Account.”
        Go to
    http://angel.mgsd.k12.nc.us and click on Request an Insight Window Account.  You will need
        to have your student’s user id and password to request an account. Once your account is
        approved, you will receive an email with your password. You can then log in and track your
        student’s progress.

  45. Tell me about the technology available in Mooresville Graded School District:

  46. How much does it cost MGSD for the Digital Conversion?

  47. MGSD uses a variety of funding sources to be able to implement the Digital Conversion. Initial start up costs revolve around network infrastructure, staff development and planning.  On going cost are built into the operational budget.  MGSD leases student and teacher laptops (a 4 year lease) at an approximate cost of $1M per year.  MGSD also purchases a variety of Digital Resources which cost approximately $40 per student per year.

  48. How much Bandwidth does MGSD have?

  49. MGSD has 1GB Fiber connections to each school from the Technology Department and a 500 MB pipe to the Internet.  On an average day with 5000+ machines online, bandwidth capacity is 160 MB.


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