How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Official transcripts can be requested several ways. You can come by the counseling office and fill out a request form (if you are under 18, this requires a parent/guardian signature). You can also call the counseling office at 704-658-2609 or email Heather Williams to request your transcript.

Current Seniors: You can now request your transcript to be sent to colleges on www.CFNC.org.  To request it online, you will need your NCWise Student ID number, which is located on your transcript.

Official transcripts are free to current students.  There is a $7 fee for graduates per transcript.

What is the MHS Grading Scale?

100-93 = A                92-85 =B                84-77 = C                76-70 = D                <69 = F

What are the requirements for NC Scholar?

Click below for the details.

Future Ready Core


How do I get recognized as an Honor Graduate on graduation day?

If your final gpa (grade point average) is 3.6 weighted or above, then you will be deemed an Honor Graduate of MHS and receive a gold tassel to wear at graduation.  These tassels are given out at graduation practice.

My student is struggling in their classes.  What tutoring options are available?

If your student needs tutoring, contact his/her teacher first to see if they offer tutoring before or after school.  Most of MHS’s teachers offer tutoring and remediating options! 

Davidson Tutoring is another option.  Davidson College students come to MHS and tutor in various subjects.  This program is run by Rod Powell.  You can e-mail him at rodpowell@mgsd.k12.nc.us to schedule a tutor for your student.

We hope this page will answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions!